The art of the example is made by almostApixel and therefore is subject to his license. The up and down arrows are made by Kenney

If you go the source code, you will be able to install an addon for your Godot project that will let you generate random characters.


By default, it will appear an example with a few spritesheets. If you press the reset button, all of the images will be deleted and you will end with an empty element at the left bar.

  • To select the image press the change button.
  • To generate a random cell from the image, you need to specify the horizontal and vertical cells. For example, this image has 1 horizontal cell and 2 vertical cells:

  • With ignore start and ignore end you can exclude cells. For example, with ignore start set to 0 and ignore end to 1, the previous image will always pick the black skin color.
  • Allow empty will add a possibility of not choosing any cell. For example, if you have a spritesheet for the hairs and you mark allow empty, the generated character maybe will be bald.

If you want to add more images, click the "Add new" button.

After configuring all the images, click generate and a random character will be generated for you!

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